Web version 2.3.2 aka "Rise and Fall of the Ominous Rectangle"

This update brings exciting new stuff, mainly bug fixes. Some of you may have noticed an ominous rectangle at the very beginning of the game. This isn't a 2001 Space Odyssey reference, this is a graphical bug. Please do not bow before the monolith as it vanishes into inexistence.

This bug only occurs on the HTML5 version, hence the lack of native reuploads. Additionally, those changes make the game a whopping 180 bytes smaller! Totally makes a difference.

  • New room transition effect
  • Fix room completely reset after death instead of reset to last visited state
  • Fix gallows texture replaced by black box
  • Fix enemy lifebar consuming input
  • Fix cactus tiles slightly too high


ace-of-rope-2.3.2-html5.zip Play in browser
Mar 22, 2021

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black monolith rectangle ARG is over boys, pack it up.