Announcing next chapters for Ace of Rope

Version 3.0 of Ace of Rope will bring major additions to the game: two new chapters, one with a unique gameplay, then a more traditional chapter. I still have to implement the last boss, make a decent trailer, and fix newly discovered bugs.

As of July 1st, the entire game will be available for 4 USD! A free demo will still allow you to play the first chapter, ending with the fight against the Judge.

I still have to do the 7th and last chapter to bring the game to completion. It will strongly depend on my free time and motivation, so I don't want to announce a release date yet for that (let's call it v3.1). In the meantime, enjoy the first 6 chapters of this wacky adventure! (or the first 4 existing chapters if you are impatient, but keep in mind your save will break with v3.0)

I will also remove the web version, because with three game plans (the game jam version, the new demo, and the full game), it would become a bit confusing. If I were to put the demo as the web version, it would be harder for you to reuse your last demo save point in the full version to save time (is it that much of a problem though?).

Also, I now have set up a Discord community server! This will allow me to show smaller updates and share my design choices more easily. I'll use it for my next game projects as well. This is still a tiny server, and my first shot at such a thing, so don't mind the fresh paint. Join here: devlogs will still be a thing though!

Once these new chapters will get enough feedback, I will probably make a postmortem about what I learned in making my first commercial game, and those new chapters.

Happy wandering, and see you on the next one in a few weeks!

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Actually, I will be able to publish v3.0 in July 22, two days from now! I just have to publish the trailer, and do a final pass/test.