Version 2.4.0 aka Don't Ask Ponies For Legal Advice

I had no idea about this devlog's title so I thought let's put some tips in it or something.

Here is a substantial update that is still compatible with old save files (though the next is planned not to be). Notably, there is a different title screen, tied to the introduction! Some graphics & animations have also been added/improved.

Changelog 2.4.0:
- Redo title screen, intro and pre-final boss cutscene
- Add one rope segment, shorten all segments to keep the same length
- Revamp trees, bridges, train sound, checkpoints, score counter & particle effects
- Add reverb in caves
- Animate death, dialogues, player & Death
- Add rooms: sheriff intro, town entrance, mountain section
- Show number of deaths at the end
- Fix scene completely reset after death instead of reload to last safe point
- Fix snake score exploit
- Fix drunk/hurt graphical bugs
- Other fixes & improvements

I don't know if I have enough free time to improve the game to the point of being worth a non-zero amount of money. In that case, I have plans for further narration, new characters, and unique gameplay. We'll see!

EDIT: after some testing by a friend, it would seem this version is riddled with bugs. Stay tuned for 2.4.1!

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