Version 2.3.3 aka No Catastrophic Bug Has Been Found This Time

As the title says, the latest update only brings minor bugs and improvements. Notably, Godot's stretching feature gave me the opportunity to scale rendered pixels to the game's pixel art, thus reducing shader cost. You might notice it if you're GPU-bound.

This time I updated the game for every platform, not only the web. That means native platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) get the previous updates as well (the most visual one being the new transition effect)!


  • Make pixel size uniform (mostly visible on angled rope, particles, water shader, etc.)
    • That also improves performance a bit (+5 FPS on some occasions)
    • Feel free to tell me if that gives you nausea on scrolling elements
  • Improve Jo shop
  • Fix waterfall absorbing mouse input
  • Fix text shifting on pressed/disabled button

Happy gun gestures and see you on the next paddle heliport!


Ace of Rope 2.3.3 for Windows 32 MB
May 21, 2021
Ace of Rope 2.3.3 for MacOS 34 MB
May 21, 2021
Ace of Rope 2.3.3 for Linux 32 MB
May 21, 2021 Play in browser
May 21, 2021

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