Ace of Rope v3.0 is out!

It's high noon!

(…Somewhere. I think.)

The next chapters of Ace of Rope are now available. Because of the game's new length, it's now available for a fistful of dollars! But don't worry, a free demo is here to showcase the first chapter, up to and including the Judge's duel.

I also created a Discord server the other day, that will be used for my other games as well. Feel free to join if you want to know all about the smallest updates!

Here's el grande changelog:

- Add a more narrative chapter 5, with an investigation in a strange country
- Add chapter 6 with a more traditional gameplay
- Add several new enemies
- Add input mapping menu
- Make weapons unique
- Overhaul transition system: cycles between rooms can exist! Boss fights aren't no-return points anymore (most of them anyway).
- Simplify save system (yes it breaks saves)
- Add screen shaking parameter for motion sickness
- Add semi-secret "book" weapon that gives info on all the weapons you ever used
- Add several minigames
- Revamp pre-boss cutscenes
- Revamp security gate
- Revamp dance battle effects
- Revamp some of 4th boss (formerly final boss)
- Make snakes from rope, fix snakes dying from everything
- Remove pony express riders envelope immunity
- Fix 4th boss game over win
- Inform player that new game will erase current progress
- Add "reset to default" in settings
- Hide mouse cursor on intro
- Fix waterfall hiding bridge
- Revert pixel size correction (small performance improvement is not worth added risk of motion sickness)

If you haven't seen the trailer, well here it is:

Happy roping, and see you on the next one!

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