Ace of Rope is part of the Games Against War bundle

This post is mostly for people who didn't already get the full game by other means, but even if you bought it you can still support the bundle in question!

Since a few days ago, Ace of Rope is part of a charity bundle aiming to help Ukrainian children live through the war of their country. There was the Bundle for Ukraine a few months ago, but the game was still free at the time. Since there's a bit of a war theme in AoR, especially in chapter 4 with the Hellian Empire, I felt like it would fit right into this co-op bundle.

So by supporting the bundle here (which is critically not meeting its goal at the time of writing, hence my devlog), you can get Ace of Rope and dozens other games for $15. AoR is in the average game price, so you effectively get 90% off all of those!

And now for quick news on the game itself:

I have completed lore and level design for Chapter 7 (the lab) up until the definitely final boss. What is not done: the boss itself, one or two enemies in the lab, two weapon mechanics, and a few small bonus rooms. For now, if (worst case) I ever stop all development now and release that unfinished mess, the player can essentially reach the summit, even if it's strangely easy and there's no boss (but there's lore up here!)

So yeah, as long as I have other game ideas, this game evolves at the speed of monthly commits, and at the current pace I can probably release it before 2025. There was a similar slowdown when making the boss of Chapter 4 back in December 2020. Maybe I'm just demotivated by making final bosses?

See you on the next one!

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