Ace of Rope is available on as well

I just uploaded the latest version of Ace of Rope on, a platform hosting web games made in Godot.

It's right here:

If you followed the project since the very beginning (Ludum Dare 47), you might have noticed I uploaded it in two places: (here), and Gotm. But as I made other games on itch, the Gotm version did not receive any update for almost two years!

This time is now gone, and you now have two options for playing the full game! Here (at the unit price of $4), and on (at $5 per month for all of the platform's games including mine), so that can be interesting depending on your playing habits.

My experience with Gotm was pretty good:

- They optimize your Godot game for size so that it loads faster!
- They seem to have a better mobile experience (does not apply to AoR).
- It's easy to embed Gotm games in pages, combining its optimizations with the other's popularity.

On the other hand they have some shortcomings:

- The game's resolution cannot be set manually, watch out for janky pixels!
- They only do web games (they do that well though)
- There's a small change on tilemap collider offsets since Godot 3.5, and my old jam version was migrated automatically, so that bug appeared. Fortunately, AoR had shorter graphics at the time, so that wasn't game breaking.
- To add a trailer, you have to upload the video file (no link to youtube), and they compress that very aggressively (my trailer is 1/4 of its initial size, but it sounds like my headphones have a disease).

That's it! You can hear about AoR and my other games on Discord : The last chapter is being built very slowly because I've been on a vacation and I'm on the low side of the motivation cycle for this project right now. As for a Steam release, we will see™

Happy roping and see y'all on the next one!

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