Web version 2.4.1 aka For a Fistful of Bug Fixes

Howdy how y'all doin pardners? Today I release upon your realm version 2.4.1 of the game, which brings several bug fixes encountered by one of the fabulous play-testers I am in contact with.

This version is only for the web for now, due to the current state of my internet bandwidth.

Changelog 2.4.1:

- Better menu access with keyboard
- Add spikes/reload noises
- Add variations on your moves in mansion boss
- Make Tim's brother tell the truth
- Nerf lamp attack
- Give crate cutscene a delay instead of waiting user input
- Fix player stuck in hurt/invulnerable state
- Fix wall-clipping buffalo
- Fix death if 1HP and cannot hurt themself
- Fix mansion NPCs being cut into slices
- Fix stats not reset on new game
- Fix disappeared balloon
- Other fixes & improvements

As for the distant horizon of putting a price on the game, we'll see™

Have a nice ride pardner, yeeha


ace-of-rope-2.4.1-html5.zip Play in browser
Jun 24, 2021

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