Version 3.0.1: Splish Splash Again


It's been a bit more than a week since version 3.0 is out, and the first (very encouraging) feedback appeared… alongside some bug reports of course! So I'd like to thank every player for their hard work at breaking the game, intentionally or not.

Also, that last chapter is taking shape! Most of the outline has been drafted, I've even begun to build the first rooms. The playable game still stops at the same place for now. The bravest of you could in theory try it out by manually editing your save file.

I also did some experiments on a mobile version. Gameplay is significantly more clunky (I had a very hard time on the first boss), so I chose not to release that. Feel free to contact me if you want a (debug) Android build!

Reminder that Ace of Rope (alongside my other games) now has a Discord server!
Right here: (this invite will not expire in time, but has a limit of 100 uses, just in case of spam you know)

Here's the changelog:

- New splash screen!
- MacOS build is back! I didn't include it for v3.0, because it's the heaviest file to upload and my uplink is ssllloooww
- Added 1 second of invulnerability when you enter a room
- Added Music and Sfx volume sliders, more precise than on-off settings
- Made the rope a bit faster to aim, I wonder if you can tell the difference?
- Fix some transitions between rooms
- Fix buffalo in semi-aggro state
- Fix ravioli respawn when Karito already consumed it and then you died on this room
- Fix equipment switched out after saving then dying in the same room
- Optimize musics. >1 MB saved by sampling some tracks to 32000 Hz instead of 44100

Happy roping!

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