Version 2.3

Just released a new version that brings some polish, bug fixes, and a French localization because it is my primary language and it makes the game more accessible to my immediate community.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Add French translation
  • Redesign UI
  • Improve waterfall mini-game
  • Make leaf attack less frustrating
  • Add arrow cursor for menus (cursor is still crosshair in gameplay)
  • Optimize sound effects (−1 MB uncompressed)
  • Fix save-related bugs (ponies not appearing after mailman's death after scene reload, snakes getting stuck, gates reopening loudly, etc)
  • Fix mailman shooting himself in the back
  • Fix dead buffalo breathing
  • Fix ghost text color's low contrast
  • Fix constant slow-motion bug (again)
  • Fix cropped Jo texts
  • Fix dead enemy reloading exploit
  • Clean some code

So the cause of your download size shrinking a bit is that I learned how to encode .wav files in 8 bits instead of 16.

And yes, that save system is finally fixed! Which unfortunately means compatibility is broken. You may be able to load your current save, with the correct room and stats, but enemies might get duplicated or puzzles could stop working. If you saved near a boss, impact will be minimal.

I still think about continuing development to bring the game to paid standards, but nothing is certain as it depends on my free time.

Have fun!


Ace of Rope 2.3 for Windows 32 MB
Jan 28, 2021
Ace of Rope 2.3 for MacOS 34 MB
Jan 28, 2021
Ace of Rope 2.3 for Linux 32 MB
Jan 28, 2021 Play in browser
Jan 28, 2021

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