Update on the puzzle at the entrance of Time Mansion

You may have noticed the version number has gone up: this is to fix one of the puzzles that was a bit confusing. And not the good type of confusing :P

First, there are several technically correct possibilities for the solution, only one of them is accepted. Second, you can get hints from ghosts in the room to the left, but they are confusing as well. Maybe even more than without the hints.

So that's the thing that I fixed this morning: removed the middle row of torches (to fix the former), and make the ghosts clearer (fixing the latter). In addition, it is now possible to brute-force your way out of the puzzle eight times faster than before, in case of absolute confusion. On the opposite side of puzzle strategy, you can now solve the problem by changing only one torch!

This is the kind of change that brings a game from "what a pathetic piece of crap" to "hey that's not bad at all".

Current save files are affected by this change only if you saved your progression before going to the forest. (yes I should redo the save system one day, but that's for another time, I will post something if/when I fix it)

EDIT: it actually affects every save file, because I thought braziers were persistent even though they're not. Hm, maybe the puzzle is impossible on hybrid save files, because the actual gate is persistent (it stores the number of incorrect braziers, which has changed). But that would impact a negligible amount of players anyway. Feel free to yell at me if you experience this.


Ace of Rope 2.2.1 for Windows 33 MB
Dec 04, 2020
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Dec 04, 2020
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Dec 04, 2020
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Dec 04, 2020

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