A snail that just died has been sent to the Valhalla of gastropods. Only the bravest snail can come back to life. Will you be that snail? Good luck.

Snail Ragnarök is a vertical shooter with platformer elements with homemade assets and three bosses. This game was made in one week for the GodotWildJam #17.

If the HTML5 game is too slow in your web browser, consider downloading the desktop version! Godot HTML5 exports can cause quite a bit of lag in Firefox.


  • Move mouse cursor to go to the left or right
  • Left click to jump
  • Hold left click to shoot
  • When your wings are full, you can use a more powerful attack
  • Press [escape] to go back to the main menu (your will lose your progression)

Since version 1.1, this game can be played with a keyboard or even a gamepad (analog sticks are supported).


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Really original controls, that feels great! Cool ideas