Thank you all for your globally positive replies!

Some drawbacks have been pointed out though:

  • The game is not challenging enough. I didn't want to limit the player in what they can explore, but the lack of Game Over may not be the best solution. Moreover, the negative life counter seems "broken" as a result.
    I'm thinking about adding a radial life bar in the form of a snail shell. Maybe put it directly on the protagonist, like the energy bar on the wings?

Next criticisms are not from but still relevant:

  • Tiny Collectable Green Rocks (no official name) don't do anything! So I just added some code to recover a little energy when one of those are collected. It might not be the best choice because the special attack would be available earlier.
  • Some tiles should be animated (floating banners, fire brazier…). It's a work in progress. But Godot apparently can't create AnimatedTextures out of an atlas, so I have to create several images instead of a tileset.
  • The human boss spawns wasps, which is not logical. Wasps are not human's best friends, far from it. Maybe spawn anti-slug pill things? Falling embers like in level2?

I will release an update in about one week, after the jam's ratings. See you soon!

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