Version 1.1 and HTML5 export are here!

I got the results: Snail Ragnarök is ranked 7th on the Godot Wild Jam, out of 24 submissions. Thank you all for your support!

Now is the time to release a slightly improved version. Here is the v1.1 changelog:


  • HTML5 export: the game can now be played in the browser!
    • Desktop downloads are still available as a backup.
  • Tileset revamp: block/platform/column variations, animated banners and braziers
  • Life mechanic:
    • The "full energy" aura is replaced by bright, blinking wings
    • The aura now serves as a radial health bar
    • Sometimes a leaf is dropped, leaves restore health as much as salad restores energy
  • Game over screen with "restart" and "quit" options and dedicated (short) music
  • Green rocks give energy, red rocks give health
  • The player and UI can now be controlled with a keyboard or a gamepad (analog sticks are supported)
  • Final boss shakes when hurt (and better sound effects for him)
  • UI code is cleaner, main menu has been redone
  • Title has been redrawn


  • Standard attack could not protect the player when an enemy was directly on them
  • Player's "recover" animation is shortened after shooting, to get to idle animation faster
    • Overall player behavior is more of a state machine now, with some improvements in the animation player
  • General code and performance optimization
  • Game is now based on Godot 3.2 RC3 (previous version was 3.2 beta 6)


  • Jam-specific elements such as wildcards
  • Negative life counter on the bottom right
  • Unused code and assets

Note: this is a small update that does not add levels, enemies, bosses, or any narrative content. Let me know if you think the game is too short :p

Files Play in browser
Jan 25, 2020
Desktop version 55 MB
Jan 25, 2020
Source code 15 MB
Jan 25, 2020

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