Warhead Stroll version 1.1


  • Old Roger and the dog are slightly smaller, for cleaner pixel-art and so that the rest of the town doesn't look out of place
  • Optimize sound effects
  • Darken the misleading alley beyond the traffic jam
  • The dog is now detached in the boss fight, making it a bit easier
  • The car smoke effect is lighter on your CPU
  • Sometimes the car would just go through the dog or Old Roger when they're aren't moving
  • There's an end screen with credit for all of the jam reviewers and more!

Unfortunately, planned extensions to the 2.0 (two new levels) won't be for the short term, because I prefer to focus on the development of my other big game, Ace of Rope.

Have a good day or night, readers!


WHS-web-1.1.zip Play in browser
Nov 15, 2021
WHS-win-1.1.zip 15 MB
Nov 15, 2021
WHS-mac-1.1.zip 29 MB
Nov 15, 2021
WHS-x11-1.1.tar.zst 16 MB
Nov 15, 2021

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