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Fantastic! That's the third game of yours that I've played and they are all so good! You are very talented.

how to defeat the third boss?

Move the rope into the yellow zones, and avoid the stars. This battle is a bit… unconventional ^^

Can you make a full game. I love this concept!

Thank you! It depends strongly on my spare time, but I have plans for completing it!

Is there supposed to be a black box at the very beginning?

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That was supposed to be the gallows. I must have messed up on the textures for the web export. Thanks for telling me!
EDIT: just fixed it, thanks again!

I haven't played this yet, only seen gameplay, but I just had to come here and say that the theming on this game is incredible! The art style is also very nicely done. 

What a wild ride! You did say it takes like 3 hours to complete, so I can't blame you for going in expecting it to be done by the 20 minute mark. The humor is great. I got pretty stuck on the mansion password (I would swear I had already tried the combination that ended up working) but I guess the comments and your patch notes helped. Still not sure what the ghost clue was, would have assumed they're looking Left fo the password was an L (Roman 50).

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Thanks! The clue is that the ghost looks at the top left corner of the screen, where your HP is, and at this point in the adventure you have a maximum of 5 HP, so that's V.

Oh very sneaky! Thanks for the clarification, and again congrats for this excellent game.

Really good game, the final boss is very challenging !

BEST FREAKING GAME, apart from a few things that could be tweaked, this game has some serious potential if you make some kind of game that has the same kind of story but longer and better and the mechanic of the rope with the different items with different uses. I would love to see a full on game on steam or epic games launcher like this one. The look is awesome, the puzzles are really good, and the general idea for the story which is confusing at first is super good. You have made one of my favorite games, with an idea of the mobile rope arm is just.... just.... awesome. Makes me happy to see people who make games like this and it also makes me think about how these games could evolve into something better and popular. Good job Cagibi you have made a masterpiece.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game ^^

Fantastic game, love all the puzzles and little secret areas! For the life of me  though can't figure out the password with the lights at the mansion. Hope you finish this game soon

Thank you! For the password, let's say that this is a particular roman numeral :P

The game should be finished by the end of the year, or even next week if all goes well.

Nice game. The rope arm idea is great.